TiVo To Syesha Mercado: Pack Your ‘Idol’ Bags

Syesha Mercado will leave “American Idol” if TiVo’s predictions are right.

The producers of TiVo have accurately predicted the kicked “Idols” for the last month, since the contest entered its Top 12 phase, the company announced today.

To make their forecasts, the producers of TiVo have analyzed second-by-second audience measurement to find out which artists had the lowest rating. TiVo tracked the data from twenty thousand occasional anonymous followers.

It turned out that the participants who audiences hit fast forward mostly, were the ones who finally left the show.

Apart from predicting Syesha’s leave, TiVo thinks that the cute teen David Archuleta is making his way to the top. He had the highest number of views during his performances.

When contacted by Access Hollywood, the representatives of Fox and “American Idol” didn’t comment on the report.

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