The Coldest Winter Ever (On the Set of Dreams the Movie)

It’s been forever since I’ve written a blog……uuuhhhh I don’t really know what to say… soooo uuuuuhhhhh yeah……lol

First off, you are in the right place If you want super exclusive videos, MUSIC, Show dates, Pictures and of Course BLOGS from me.

Most of you already know I just finished filming my first feature film “DREAMS”. Which was an amazing experience from working with the friendly cast and crew to staying up until 8am in the morning to only have to be up again at 10am. It was a lot of work and late hours, but it was all worth it. We started filming while I was still on the road with Dreamgirls and I just recently finished up all my pick-up shots last month.

Dreams was based on a true story, which revolves around 4 characters that all have dreams, but fragments of abuse and failures from their past, make the trek up life’s hills hard to climb. I play the role of Mia whose dream is to be a singer, but haunting childhood memories act as her obstacle. In the movie you see her story intertwining with the other characters as they try to overcome their fears and live out their Dreams.

My father is played by Mel Jackson and my mother is played by Vickie Winans both of whom were so pleasant to work with. In our down time Vickie would teach me harmonies to gospel songs with her son Marvin Winans Jr. or we’d just take turns singing for one another. I was in heaven. Vickie and Marvin are hilarious. They are like family now.

Oh yeh, when we did my first shots in December it was freezing. They say it was one of the coldest winters in Chicago and all I had on was a thin leather jacket. I had to put hand warmers in my pockets and shoes for some extra warmth. Eventually, my feet went numb. Yeah….it was bad ya’ll, but I was enjoying myself so much it didn’t even matter. I had to have two blankets on standby and some hot tea. Sometimes you gotta sacrifice to get that perfect shot…lol

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