Syesha Mercado Dreaming Big on Broadway and Film

Many people know Syesha Mercado for her participation in “American Idol”. With her incredible voice, fashionable style, outstanding signature natural locks, and a smile that can illuminate any room, her optimism was obvious even during the short period of “American Idol”. Mercado told Ryan Seacrest that good things would happen to her as she was “attracting it simply being optimistic.”

The spectacular singer broadened her horizons by playing the main roles (Deena Jones in the worldwide tour of “Dreamgirls”, and then Ti Moune in “Once on This Island”). The hard work on Broadway enabled the singer to practice the skills she received while studying at the Mantee School for the Arts. However, it also gave her a lot of new opportunities.
Now, Mercado is going to play the main female character in “Broadway’s The Book of Mormon”. She will also take the lead role of Mia, in “Dreams”. The girl stands as a proof that when it comes to dreaming, there are no limits. The Joel Kapity film is filmed in Chicago and tells about the

inspirational fight of 4 characters wishing to make their dreams come true. Syesha will play alongside with such veterans of cinematography as Vickie Winans, Angie Stone and Mel Jackson.

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